sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010


Shiping over the sea as usual without any direction on my mind I found a curious chest floating on the surface. I got used to long time ago for ignoring such things both because of blindness & banning but once you get freedom you try out evrything for experience it or refreshing old memories. Anyway I couldn't resist the temptation of picking it up to the deck.
Engraving on the top, engraving on the side, engraving even on the lock, whatever it is inside must be important or belonged to a rich area where the careless owner drop it to the sea. After houres doing my best for openning the chest without damn it at all the better surprise inside kicked me in the head first with it perfume, then with it sight.
I am starting to wonder if my thoughts about overnatural presences were impossible because even looking as the most normal compass as it was something inside myself felt the necessity of followin the direction for the first time even knowing that sirens lie in wait for the chance to catch anybody using whatever trick someone could imagine. Despite that my long journey ended in a rock where, placed on the cliffs, there it was the most beautifull woman I have ever saw in my life.

"Hello beauty, I was pushed to come here and take you out from here with me."
"How it is possible that you chose the compass that it was not pointing North seems broken instead of choosing all the diamonds, gold coins & gems? It could be that as a cat you curious came here to know what was atracting the compass wishing for a bigger treasure but now you I am the reason why the compass didn't point North, how it is that u didn't run away for taking your treasure and leaving my alone in the cliff?"

"Darling, no treasures, no gold, nor wealth could be compared with the treasure I chose right now. Wealth can give me food, houses & more ships, I know but... without a person besides me richness it's senseless."

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